Technologies in 322

This semester has been unique in getting to learn new technologies, but then learning to think of implications for these beyond everyday use and into the classroom.  Here’s just a few: WordPress*- I have never had to blog to document writings in a class before, but I loved it! It allows for me to see … More Technologies in 322

Online Beauty Exhibit

Curator Statement: The goal of this collection is to break down the unrealistic beauty expectations our society places on women through the use of remix and montage of everyday visual culture.  A specific focus is on how our culture tries to deny the fact of women growing old in media, especially as women are hardly … More Online Beauty Exhibit

Webquest Ideas

Emily and I have decided to combine our concepts of community and controversy into the art classroom. Here is a list of our plan: Intro videos of spaces and places around the world (artists, architects) brainstorming ideas/ sketching out space speculative fiction creating spaces through thingyverse and printing them while printing create surrounding area collaboration … More Webquest Ideas

Transformative possibilities of Community based Art Education

Engaging in art education beyond the classroom has potential to show students how art making can be applicable and useful out there, in the “real world.”  By engaging in community projects, the transformative power of the arts is modeled right before the student’s very eyes.  Giving students the opportunity to push innovation and allow creativity … More Transformative possibilities of Community based Art Education


While reading Karen Boyd and Jane Gholson’s “Engaging Visual Culture”, I found that different influential powers I identify in my life can fall into the categories the authors describe. Domination and situational power, the first forms of power mentioned, could be identified in my life at work.  I am a cashier at a store, as … More Power